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Top 3 Fall Fashion Risks to Take

October 31, 2015



Fall fashion is a favorite among many because of its variety. With that variety comes the opportunity to take risks! We love to make a statement, and what better way than to adopt some of the boldest looks found on the runway this season?


Wide-Leg Pants


2015 fall fashion has taken a lot of inspiration from the 1970s. This season, give your skinny jeans a break and rock the fabulous wide legs of the disco era. Take and even bigger risk and find the funkiest accessories you can to pair with this look!




Gloves serve more than just a functional purpose. They can totally make your outfit! Take this risk and pair it with some cuffs or stacked bracelets. Your accessories will shine bright, and so will you!


One Shoulder


This might seem crazy, but having one shoulder bare this season is the go-to chic fashion risk. Plus, there is no better way to call attention to your favorite statement-making handbag than to sling it over your exposed arm. Talk about fabulous!


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