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How To Layer Fall Fashion

October 31, 2015

Fall is in full swing. You know what that means? Layering! There’s nothing better for a crisp fall day than to layer your favorite fashion pieces.

From your clothes to your accessories, there are endless ways to have fun layering for the season. We’ve put together our favorite chic ways to layer AND make a statement.


Scarves never go out of style! This year, go big or go home. Wrapping a big scarf around your neck, like this bright one from Zara, is a bold way to add some instant fall layers.

 Lady with coat and red scarf


Whether you wear one over a collared shirt or under your favorite coat, it’s the best time of year to layer! Get ready for sweater weather with a chic, simple sweater. This one from Anthropologie is a fabulous option.

 Lady with grey sweater

Statement Jewelry


This is our favorite! There are so many options when it comes to layering your jewelry this fall and make an even bigger statement. Our favorite combo is a collar close to the neck (like our Curve Collar Bisjoux) paired with a long necklace (like our Leaf Labradorite Necklace).

 Curve Bracelet

 Labradorite Necklace


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