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Our Story is an Online Fashion Beauty, Jewelry, Apparel, and Accessory Store.

Our inspiration for Ava’s Box comes from our daughter’s love for fashion and accessories. Born in August of 2011 in New Jersey, she demonstrated a keen interest in jewelry and fashion at an early age, well as a baby. Truth be told, her grandmother bought her the first jewelry set when she was born, and since then Ava has always been wearing her jewels. Her favorite and only aunty saw her passion for jewelry and didn’t help the situation by buying her every little ring, bracelet, necklace etc. Quickly we took notice of her Diva-like character and thought we should purchase a jewelry box to keep all her precious jewels. And then it became known as Ava’s Box.

Initially, we had thought that it would be nice to combine Fashion and Art because we naturally enjoy a nice piece of handcrafted mastery. We fell in love with wonderful handcrafted jewelry from home, paintings, and metal pieces from select parts of the World. Naturally, we wanted to offer these selections to our customers. After much thoughts, we then decided to focus on bringing you our Artistic Collection at a later time.

For now, we're curating beauty products, fragrances, and fashion pieces from all over the world and bringing them to you at affordable price. Our main goal is to speak to the Fashionista that you are.

As we grow, we will add much more goodies in the box for your delight. We appreciate your patience as we venture into this journey, and we hope you enjoy what we have in store for you.