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How to Rock Fall Makeup

September 14, 2015

As we always say, nothing complements chic accessories like fresh, bold makeup! All the colors of fall make it one of the most fun and inspiring seasons to experiment with your look. Give your eyes and lips a makeover to really complement your favorite jewelry trends.


Here are the top three fall makeup trends to start wearing now:


  1. Darker lips. From berry to purple, darkening your lipstick shade for fall is always a must! Dare to go really bold and vamp up your look with a dark plum.


  1. Bronze eyes. Following the metallic trend, a bronze eyeshadow adds more warmth than the usual gold or silver, and looks beautiful with virtually all eye colors!


  1. Funky eyeliner. The 70s look is a hot trend right now. Channel your inner Barbra Streisand and get graphic with your eyeliner! We’re talking wings, cat-eyes and smokey looks.


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