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How to Rock a Chic Fall Hairstyle

September 14, 2015


The leaves are changing. So should your hairstyle! Fall is the perfect time to test a new ‘do, and give your look a breath of fresh air.


  1. Chop it off. Tired of your long hair? Say goodbye to split ends and slash your shampoo budget. Get a bob or a “lob” (a long bob)!


  1. Go natural. Give your strands a break and opt for a wash-and-go look. A little TLC will make a huge difference this fall. PLUS, it’s easier to be low-maintenance when the humidity is gone!


  1. Lighten up. Considering getting highlights? Opt for babylights. These natural, subtle highlights will create the illusion of leftover summer sun, making it an ideal fall hair color.


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