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What's trending this week?

Since Fall is knocking on our doors, we get away from the flashy, bulky and bold look and step into a more soothing and elegant feel to welcome the softness of the fall season and its beautiful colors. 


This week our trendy pick is closer to luxury than costume jewelry. Our V&A bracelets are one of a kind, elegant, beautiful, stylish and chic all at once. You can either wear one, or combine many of them and still look elegant and fabulous! 


Due to red lipstick being such a trend this past few weeks, add it on with your favorite V&A bracelet whether you are dressed in jeans and a lightly knit cardigan, or a beautiful black dress with a pair of heels, you will surely inhale the attention you desire!


Check us out at for many accessory picks, especially the delicate V&A Jewel bracelets!

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