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How to Organize Your Black Friday Wishlist

November 10, 2015

Black Friday 

Black Friday, A.K.A. the biggest shopping day of the year, is coming up fast. Before you know it, the holiday shopping season will be in full swing. Is your wish list ready?


As with any list, it’s all about organization. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite tips to organize your Black Friday wish list (and check it twice) so you won’t miss a thing!


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Include pictures so friends and family know exactly what you’re looking for, if they were to ask to borrow your list for a little shopping of their own. The same goes for items you’re buying for others! Ask everyone on your list to provide some kind of visual for the things they want the most.


Hint: Your favorite websites most likely have awesome visuals of product that you can pull… like this one from Ava’s Box!


Ava's Box 


Name Your Sources


As we all know, Black Friday can be a bit chaotic. If there’s a chance an item on your list might be sold out before you get there on the biggest shopping day of the year, include a link of where to buy it online.


Hint: On the following Monday, known as Cyber Monday, you can often find great deals when you’re shopping your favorite online boutiques, like Ava’s Box!


Check Yes Or No


Leave a space or box at the end of each item to check off. This is especially useful with items you’re buying for other people. On the biggest (and craziest) shopping day of the year, it can be hard to keep track of which family member’s gift you’ve put in your cart, and what items you still need to brave the crowded aisles to pick out.


Black Friday VIP List 

Come open Ava’s Box for bold, chic accessories for all the fashionistas on your list:

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